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AccuRate Fertiliser System
The Bateman AccuRate Fertiliser System
self-contained with the AccuRate dribble bars
protected within the boom’s steel framework.
Changing applications is a simple operation
because there is only one spray line to wash out.
Individual dribble bars are connected with an
ingenious linking system forming a solid line,
which prevents accidental damage and twisting.
The stainless steel metering orifice construction
offers extraordinary longevity, which is why
many customers re-use their existing AccuRate
bars on their next Bateman.
GPS Precision Farming Systems
Bateman gives you the ability to access precise
information exactly when you need. With
accurate recording and increased control of
inputs, you are on the road to better yields,
productivity and profitability.
• Automatic section control reduces over
application, turning sections on and off at field
boundaries and previously applied areas.
• Advanced software stores field mapping
information in the command display memory.
• Visual screen guidance with a centrally
mounted peripheral vision light bar.
• Choice of electric or fully integrated,
hydraulic GPS controlled steering systems.
• Variable application rate via prescription,
satellite or aerial imagery.
• Real time crop information is available
through sensors that measure crop vigour.
• Fitted height control systems automatically
control all dynamic boom functions via the
command display.
• Bateman Service Support Engineers and
a Mobile Service Team back all the above
systems, with access to comprehensive
spares, so any downtime is kept to
a minimum.
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