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Variable Geometry (VG) Boom
The Bateman VG Boom takes spraying technology to new limits. The extended booms are held in position
with the use of a powerful hydraulic sheer bolt system. In the event of a collision this breaks away before
resetting itself automatically. Unfolding and folding is achieved within the four metre HSE height restriction.
A Bateman Spray Boom provides both strength and stability, resulting in exceptional spraying rates.
Standard Contour Boom
• Strong, lightweight steel construction
• Lifting, lowering, opening and closing achieved
using single ram strokes
• Tilt correction operated from the command arm
• Impact protection on outer sections provided by
mechanical shear bolt system
• Self-centering break-backs
• Available in 18m, 20m and 24m working widths
Variable Geometry Boom
• Strong, lightweight steel construction
• Tilt correction operated from the command arm
• Self-centering break-backs
• Hydraulically fold and then spray at widths
ranging from 24m to 42m
• Independent boom incline
• Independent fold, boom levelling and break back
along its entire width, affording protection in
both directions
• Secured in compact position, for trouble free transportation
• Unrestricted cab access
• No risk of cab contamination
When boom is folded
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