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Like the machine itself, the Bateman spraying
system is uniquely designed to get the job done
as quickly and simply as possible. Just one switch
gives you complete control of filling, chemical
induction and spray line re-circulation.
Impressive productivity rates are kept high
by using optimised plumbing. This produces
high flow rates and low filling times at low
engine revolutions.
The 28mm stainless steel spray-line, equipped
either with single or multi spray jet bodies, is
capable of multi auto sections to interface with
GPS systems. The spray-line system optimises
multi-directional flows and re-circulation
producing efficient flow rates. This also provides
equalized pressure across the width of the
whole boom.
• A 22mm stainless steel spray-line is also
available, with boom mounted pneumatic
on/off valve blocks. Single or multi spray jet
bodies can be fitted whilst the option of twin
lines is available.
• Each Bateman sprayer comes with a
specially designed stainless steel spray tank,
developed with a low centre of gravity to
aid stability.
• The spray tank and integrated clean water
rinse tank are baffled.
• Available in 2,500, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000
litre versions.
• Extremely reliable and very low
maintenance, Bateman fitment spray
pumps can deliver 270, 400 or 460 litres
per minute.
• For higher flow rate requirements additional
options are available.
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